Signal Processing Elements

Signal processing elements are defined in SchemDraw.dsp. Import them with:

from SchemDraw import dsp

Because each element may have multiple connections in and out, these elements do not automatically extend "leads", so they must be manually connected with LINE elements. The square elements define anchors 'N', 'S', 'E', and 'W' for the four directions. Circle-based elements also includ 'NE', 'NW', 'SE', and 'SW' anchors. Other elements, such as AMP, define 'in' and 'out' anchors when appropriate.

The ARROWHEAD element is useful to show signal flow.

Signal Processing Components

Labels are placed in the center of the element. The generic BOX and CIRCLE element can be used with a label to define other operations. For example, an integrator may be created using

d.add(dsp.BOX, label='$\int$')

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